Places of Interest

Natural Swimming pools (Porto Moniz)

Mudas Contemporary Art Museum (Calheta)

Light House Museum (Ponta do Pargo)

The extreme west point of the Island where you can watch the sunset over the sea while having tea and cake in the Tea House "O Fio"

Tea House "O Fio" (Ponta do Pargo)

Lovely tea house with natural tea made of local herbs, homemade cakes and scones with wonderful view.

Quinta Pedagógica dos Prazeres

Educational farm, with small zoo and natural home made products (jam, natural herbs, cakes).

Sugar Cane Museum (Calheta)

Its a Museum where you can watch how local people used extract the sugar and honey from the typical sugar cane. You can also try natural sugar cane juice as well as typical products made out of sugar cane such as honey, honey cake, cookies, rum, etc. 

Calheta Beach

All Madeira's typical beaches are made of dark sand as it is a vulcanic island. However if you prefer white sand there is an artificial beach in Calheta where you can go, 15 km away.


Veredas (paths), walking from Prazeres to Paúl do Mar (total time 1h 20, total distance 1,8 km starting from Hotel Atlântico). Big game fishing, boat trips, whale watching, canyoning and climbing, walking in the levadas (water courses), bird watching and swimming areas. Relaxing massages and ice-creams with melted chocolate as topping in calheta beach.


Note: All reservations can be arranged at Marina da Calheta.